Make Your Siding Sparkle

Make Your Siding Sparkle

Pressure Washing & Window Glazing Services in Harrisonburg & Rockingham, VA

Blast dirt, mildew and stains off your home with Chico Painting’s pressure washing services. We’ll clean your brick or vinyl exterior or your backyard deck. Pressure washing is also a great way to remove peeling paint from your siding.

Get a free estimate on pressure washing services by calling our Harrisonburg & Rockingham, VA location now.

Preserve your vintage panes with window glazing

Newer windows are more energy-efficient, but nothing matches the charm of older windows. Maintaining vintage windows often requires re-glazing them. The window glazing process involves:

  • Removing old putty: We’ll cut out the hardened glazing putty without damaging the glass.
  • Preparing the glass pane: We’ll remove the glass and clean it.
  • Applying new putty: We’ll reinsert the glass and add new glazing compound.


Chico Painting offers window glazing services in Harrisonburg, Rockingham, VA and the surrounding area. Help your classic windows last for another 20 years by calling 540-908-6629 now.